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NeoFlux Drift is a cyberpunk, couch-multiplayer broadside-battler for up to 4 players. Enter various arenas filled with hazards to engage in exhilarating, physics-based vehicle-combat with fully customizable game-modes.

Unlock diverse pilots, battlecrafts, weapons and abilities to experiment with thousands of possible loadouts and find your own playstyle! Survive the mayhem to become the next Drifter or manipulate the battlefield with devastating afterlife-skills.


- Customize your battlecraft

- Skill-based PvP gameplay, easy to learn but hard to master

- Singleplayer AI

- Use the environment to your advantage

- Afterlife skills for maximum chaos, even after death

Media Coverage

"NeoFlux Drift from Broken Lobster is a high intensity, broadside-battler that supports both single player and couch co-op. Build your loadout and see who can be the best Drifter!" - BetaTestedGameReviewed

"25 Exciting Games To Wishlist Right Now" - Kotaku

Additional links

Learn more: https://linktr.ee/brokenlobster

For known issues and upcoming features, check our public roadmap


NeoFlux Drift v0.18.4.zip 336 MB
DifferentShootingAnglesPrototype.zip 336 MB

Install instructions

Requires an xbox controller or emulation currently. will be fixed in the future :)

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